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Don't get scammed! TIPS for hiring cam & voice escorts in Second Life

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming I'm a pro, not even close, I don't have an Escorting PhD (yet)... I just have some years of experience, and felt like sharing some of the things I learned so far with everyone interested on this "business". This is MY opinion, everyone is free to disagree! BEFORE YOU START READING: You HAVE to be over 18 years old, NO EXCEPTION. I'm also ALWAYS talking about virtually escorting in Second Life, Real Life escorting is not allowed there. Alright... maybe the title is a bit exaggerated... but you get the point. I've heard SO many times clients complaining about being scammed in Second Life by "escorts" or "camgirls" that aren't even girls (when they said they were). Am I saying that only girls can escort? NO. Am I saying that there can't be shemales escorting? NO. Am I saying they shouldn't lie to someone for being paid for something you can't offer? EXACTLY. You can be whoeve

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